Achieve flawlessly natural-looking eyebrows with Carly Kent’s semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. With over 16 years of experience, Carly takes a bespoke approach to each client, ensuring that you will get optimum, natural results every time. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily eyebrow filling and hello to effortlessly stunning brows that enhance your natural beauty. Trust Carly Kent to provide you with the key to truly beautiful semi-permanent eyebrows.

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Carly kent brows

New semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

Natural not noticeable, realistic eyebrow tattoo, with long lasting results.

Session 1: 2 Hours 30 Mins / £500​
Session 2: 1 Hour 30 Mins/Inc. Above


An ultra fine acupuncture needle is used at high speed to deposit pigment shallow in the skin, creating our signature hair-stroke brow.

Session 1: New brows are designed and groundwork is tattooed ready for …
Session 2: Return 6-8 weeks later for finishing touches!

​Price is for both sessions

Suitability for Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

  • Not suitable in pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Not suitable for those with blood disorders or taking anti coagulants
  • Not suitable for those with allergies to adrenaline.
  • Brows heal in around 7 days in normal conditions
  • Can look darker than required result for a week or so
Carly Kent Brows

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo boost

Maintenance for existing brow clients of Carly Kent only.
Up to 6 Months (Additional Top Up) / £85.00
Up to 12 Months / £165.00
Up to 18 Months / £200.00
Up to 2 Years / £250.00
Over 2 Years (Includes Top Up Session) / £350.00

​​1 Hour 30 Mins

​** Please ensure you are pre-numbed before arrival at clinic **


Keep your Brows looking fresh! Colour boosts are just one appointment unless it’s been a real long time!

​These appointments are for existing brow clients of Carly Kent only

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

On day of treatment:

  • Absorb excess lymph fluid with a CLEAN tissue regularly till oozing has stopped. This will prevent the lymph hardening into a scab.

Days 1 – 7 (3 x per day):

  • Use SOLUTION provided only on CLEAN cotton pads (squeezed so just damp) and wipe from bulb to tail ONCE (no scrubbing) do not worry this will not remove pigment.
  • Ensure area is dry then apply a TINY amount of Aftercare Gel you have been provided with – nothing else. Use a CLEAN cotton bud for each brow and spread it across the treated area. It is crucial not to over apply as this could suffocate your skin and delay healing. The gel should barely be visible on skin. The gel is antibacterial, antimicrobial and helps skin heal FAST using nano silver technology. The formula is non toxic, free from nasties and allows skin to breathe. It has been designed specifically for this use and packet provided should be ample for 2 treatments.

Brow Lift

Li-FT saline pigment removal is a professional cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted or faded permanent makeup or microblading pigments from the skin. This technique involves the application of a specially formulated saline solution to the treated area, which helps to break down and lift the pigment particles from the skin.

During the treatment, the Li-Ft saline solution is gently needled into the skin. The solution works by creating a controlled osmotic process, drawing the pigment particles to the surface. As the solution is absorbed, it takes the unwanted pigment with it, resulting in a gradual lightening or removal of the pigment.

Multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired results, depending on the depth and density of the pigment, as well as the client’s individual skin characteristics. It is important to note that complete pigment removal may not always be possible, particularly in cases where the pigment has been deeply embedded or contains certain colors that are more resistant to removal.

Following the procedure, the treated area may experience some redness, swelling, or scabbing, which is a normal part of the healing process. It is crucial for clients to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the technician to ensure proper healing and minimise the risk of complications.

*Please pre numb your brows prior to this appointment with EMLA 5% cream (available from pharmacy). Apply thickly and cover with film 40 mins prior to appointment.

Allow 75 mins /£90


Please inform the clinic if you have or have ever had any of the following;

  • Blood disorders
  • Thyroid disturbances
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Skin cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Psoriasis or eczema (particularly if it affects your face/scalp)
  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring
  • ANY allergies
  • Depression medication
  • Take regular aspirin or anti-inflammatories.

What if I have Botox

BOTOX™ should be administered after eyebrow treatments are completed or at least 3 months prior.

Patch Test

A sensitivity/allergy test can determine within 24hrs if you have an allergy to products used, however it is not a guarantee and you may have a reaction at some later stage. You may request a sensitivity test to be undertaken in clinic prior to your appointment or waive the sensitivity test and accept full responsibility should a reaction occur. Although rare it is a possibility.

Treatment Process

At your initial appointment (allow up to 2 and half hours), Carly will discuss your expectations of the treatment, discuss your medical history and explain the process. She will analyse your colouring and chose a suitable pigment shade which will be placed on your skin, together you will effectively decide the most suitable colour.

Your skin type will be discussed to ascertain the best treatment method for you (for example very oily skin is not well suited to hair stroke technique for brows). Your design will then be drawn using pencil or pigment, and not until you are fully satisfied will any tattooing begin.

After your treatment is completed Carly will spend time going through aftercare instructions carefully as this is the most important part of the process in regards to final result. You will return 6 to 8 weeks later for a shorter top up session to perfect your new permanent make-up.


Longevity of your Permanent Make-Up is variable on so many factors; skin type, lifestyle and environment can all have an impact on how long pigment is retained in the skin. 

Permanent Make-Up requires commitment to maintenance and it is strongly recommended that you undertake colour boosts. It is recommended that these are pre booked at your last session or at least 3 months before they are due.

There will come a time, usually 3-5 years after original treatment where it may be necessary to undergo a ‘new’ treatment (2 sessions) and you will be offered a discounted price if this is necessary.  In some cases it is recommended that some of the ‘old’ pigment is removed first.

Treatments done elsewhere

PLEASE inform us when booking if this is the case. Carly will request that you send photographs for her to review, in some cases she may ask you to attend a consultation so she can assess what needs to be done. In some cases Carly may be unable to to help and reserves the right to decline treatment. 

Please also note that if you have been to another technician after you have originally been to Carly Kent, we are unable to perform any further treatment in this area.

Health and Safety

Having been Nouveau Contour Academy trained, Carly is proud to uphold their strict health and safety standards. She works with medical grade devices and always single use sterile packaged genuine needles, with strict procedures to avoid cross contamination and medical grade cleaning practice between each and every client. 

Permanent Make-up is an invasive procedure and whilst this provides long lasting benefits, with any tattoo procedure there are some risks, not limited to but including, allergic reactions, undesired colour results, misplaced colour or migration, infection, and scarring.

General Advice & Tips

  • Permanent Make-up can NOT be administered to anyone under the age of 18.
  • Permanent Make-up can NOT be administered while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Children are NOT allowed in the clinic under any circumstances.
  • Do NOT take Ibuprofen or Aspirin on day of treatment. However if these are ongoing medication please discuss with your GP before ceasing.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol the evening before or the day of your treatment.
  • It is advisable to have Permanent Make-up preformed prior to having BOTOX or fillers, otherwise leave a minimum period of 6 weeks before your Permanent Make-up treatment.
  • No waxing within 48hrs of treatment (includes top up)
  • Eyebrow tinting should NOT be undertaken for two weeks prior to any brow treatment.
  • Lash tinting should NOT be undertaken for one week prior to any eye liner treatment.
  • Do NOT wear contact lenses when undergoing brow or eye treatments.

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